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TransVine is a nexus of Trans, Topics and Tech


TransVine is a safe, secure online discussion forum for any person who self identifies as trans/non-binary, their families and allies.

We are not real big on labels – we mostly leave them to others. What we do see is a need for everyone to have some idea of whom they are talking to – so we are using badges. A badge is a little color button on your Vine user icon. You pick a badge when you sign up on the form on this page.

You also pick a region which helps us provide better information and support. If you live in Kamloops you don’t need info about Nanaimo.

Pronouns matter – so we include them, using the right one is simply good manners.

Manners do matter, this is a moderated nexus and behaviour that has negative impact on others will result in intervention. Very poor behaviour will result in suspension or banishment.
You can look up our group charter documents here.


TransVine is hosted on Discord. We like Discord because it is free, provides excellent audio quality in the voice channels and IS NOT Facebook. If you are someone who lives and breathes FB, owns FB stock or is not concerned about media monopolies, TransVine may not be a match for you.

Much of social media has become background noise like a TV blaring away in an empty room. We hope to elevate the conversations and the connections up just a little bit.

If you are new to Discord you can find out more about it here.  If you are already a Discord user, you will get the server link when you sign up.


One TransVine goal is to connect trans people online with other trans people nearby to them geographically. To connect people on the MidCoast with other people on the MidCoast and so on.

This goal includes connecting people in a region who are meeting face to face with those who are not quite ready to take that step. There are 13 regional channels that cover BC and the Salish Sea.

Pick your leaf and get comfy!

TransVine has another goal to connect everyone on topics of interest and concern. On TransVine it does not matter how you identify, whether queer, non-binary, trans, etc. What does matters is that many of us are in a state of change from one state of being to another related to our gender. Or perhaps we are someone who has not begun any changes but wants to understand the complications and challenges of physical and social transition. Maybe we are supporting someone in transition. All of us need a lot of information to be effective.

No one transitions by themselves. FirstRound is where we share in a way that helps each of us come to a better understanding of the topic. We use something called parallel thinking which is also known as the Six Thinking Hats. Parallel thinking was developed by Edward de Bono in the 1970’s and is used around the world by all kinds of groups to think together. We have moved the Six Hats online to TransVine. FirstRound topics are also shared at our onearth support meetings. We connect it all up with a column in XQQ magazine.

With the Technical Singularity only a few decades away, humans need to up our thinking game and trans people are best equipped to lead the way. We’ve been thinking outside the box since the day we were born. Join us as we blaze the way!