Rainbow Health Co-operative is a community owned organization with the mandate to provide healthcare, livelihood and related services to underserved communities.

We are incorporated under the laws of British Columbia as a Community Services Co-operative which requires us to use our revenues only for community purposes, similar to a non-profit society. We are not a charity, but operate in partnership with charities that share the common mission of promoting wellness in our communities.

Our membership is open to all, but our focus is the gender non-conforming and transgender (trans) community.
We are trans-centric and queer inclusive.

Our primary service is to promote existing groups and establish new ones to assist transsexuals and their families

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We define a transsexual as someone engaging in physical and social transition to manage their gender dissonance. We define gender dissonance (j serrano) as a cognitive dissonance between subconscious sex and biological sex that without management conflates into gender dysphoria. We believe this to be an innate chronic condition that affects from .25% to 2.5% of people everywhere.

We use the metaphor of being born with six fingers – in itself – neither good nor bad, just different. But since we live in a world of five fingered people we have few positive cultural models. This can cause anxiety and depression, underlain by a constant sense of unease – gender dysphoria. The purpose of 0ur gender wellness program – Hans Kai 4 Trans is to assist us in managing our dissonance to avoid dysphoria and the risks associated with hormone therapy.

Beyond this distinction of our condition, we conform our practices to the WPATH Standards of Care, current edition.


Rainbow Health operates out of the YES co-working centre in downtown Victoria on the traditional un-ceded territories of the Lekwungenn first nation. We call our space the Rainbow Rooms. We are assembling a gender wellness library in one room, which also serves as the space for our drop-in meetings. The other room is the offices for various queer groups, including this magazine.

Drop-in meetings happen on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8:00 from October to June. Come and check your blood pressure and your blood sugar at 5:30. Monitoring these two indicators are two of the most important self-care activities for trans people on hormone therapy.

You will find us at:
#107 – 1208 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3G9