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Group Cards

First, remember we are guests

We begin with a commitment of equity between all identities.

Our mandate is to help individuals and families through physical, personal and social transition.

We don’t ask – Who are you?

We ask, What are you trying to do?

Second, to share and share alike

No one transitions alone

We get better together

To do so, we need to share

These are among the first things we share

Third, groups have rights we need to respect

The Vegas Rule
(what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas)
is an example of a right that does not belong to any one person in a group

No person can grant themselves the right to break theĀ  confidence of what one hears in a group

What you hear here, let it stay here
(alcoholics anonymous)

No person can grant themselves the right to out another person
These are rights that belong to the group and to no one person
within a group

If for some reason, you can not honor the rights of a group
Then your obligation is to first tell them so

We call this “Don’t tell Mom”
That is, don’t tell others something you should first tell your peers

Trust, the essential requirement of any group cannot exist without this
In time, any other container than trust will fail

Fourth, our personal rights are inalienable

As individuals
We need to both
Stand up for our rights
Live up to our responsibilities

A Natural law is a principle we know, without having to learn it
Equity is the application of natural law
The Golden Rule is a Natural Law
Treat others as you would be treated yourself

If we follow the Natural Laws,

Our paths rarely go wrong

Fifth, there is magic we can only practice together

There is much we must and can do by ourselves

There are things that we can never do by ourselves
Such as,

Seeing something from another’s point of view

Thinking together

Give support to another

When we are together, we can do that which we cannot do alone

But these are things we have to learn how to do
A good way to start is by practicing
Parallel Thinking

Sixth, we are each empowered when all are empowered

Overall, these cards are anchor points
in what we call
A Framework of Robust Inclusion


We are a community of diversity
Diversity includes disagreement
If we don’t plan for disagreement
Then we silence those who disagree but
remain silent to avoid contention
We leave to the side conversations that are
Needed, but no one wants to start
We need a framework – bigger than our potential to disagree
A Framework of Robust Inclusion
Otherwise we exclude those who are different than ourselves
We disallow thoughts that are different than our own
We limit our chances of succeeding

Diversity is essential to survival

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