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The Finlayson Building (1882) is a massive field-stone and brick structure located on the western side of Wharf Street. It is currently called Hartwig Court, after the developer who adapted it for commercial use in the 1970’s.

It has the appearance of one story at street level, and three at the side facing the Inner Harbour.

The YES Centre is at the bottom floor (harbour level).
The space is accessible by elevator, or stairs from Wharf Street.
It is also accessible from the sidewalk on the harbour side.
Look of the pink, blue and white trans flag.

We acknowledge with respect the Lkwungen-speaking peoples on whose traditional territory our space stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.

Rainbow Health shares space at the Young Entrepreneur Society (YES) Co-working Centre. They have been a very supportive and flexible landlord and partner. The YES Centre contains all the historical elements of the Finlayson Building in one place, an office space built directly on the bones of the original warehouse, which are exposed in several locations in the space. The space conforms to modern office standards with painted drywall walls, low pile carpet, acoustic ceilings and the ubiquitous florescent lighting found in such spaces. The YES folks have modified the space a bit with additional interior windows to make best use of the natural light that comes in from the harbour and courtyard faces of the space. They have also added incandescent string lighting as alternative lighting source. There is a large common area, a kitchen, a board room and several compact offices that house different organizations.

This is not a designated scent-free zone, but please keep in mind others if you plan to attend an event or meeting in the space. Service animals are welcome but other pets should remain at home.

The space is at harbour level – and you cannot see the entry when you look down into the courtyard- but it is right next to the windows shown in this photo. The restrooms are up one floor and accessible by the elevator. They are gendered, multi-stall restrooms shared by a number of the daytime building tenants. The complex is quiet at night and folks to date have found the arrangement workable. We acknowledge that this is a condition that needs improvement.

Due to its extensive external interior space and corridors, building management requires that these areas are secured from 7:30 in the evening until the next morning. We try and keep an eye out for late comers for larger events.  The security gate can impact accessibility and be a bit daunting if you arrive after 7:30, but don’t forget the space is always directly accessible from the harbour side.

The building tells the story of Victoria’s evolving commercial and architectural history by being the home of  a continuum of business activities ranging from nineteenth-century ship chandlers to today’s offices and restaurants. Its additive form and composite design, seen in its combined brick and stone construction, reflects how Victoria’s early commercial trades laid a foundation for today’s adaptive reuse of historic buildings. It is the best remaining example of the warehouse buildings which once lined this side of Wharf Street, much like the now-demolished 1858 Hudson’s Bay Company warehouse which stood next door.

You can always access the YES Centre from the harbour side.

If you have any questions or concerns about the space – don’t hesitate to contact us at, or 888 241 9992.

More information on the history of the building

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