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Adjusting Your Tickets – Gender Surgery, Global Choices

July 19, 2017 @ 9:34 pm – 10:34 pm America/Vancouver Timezone
On line at TransVine
Wherever the internet flows
Rainbow Health Cooperative

Adjusting Your Tickets, Gender Surgery, Global Choices

A TransVine Event
TransVine sessions are intentionally upside down. They are not about what we know, it’s about what you know.
In our experience, people engaged in physical and social transition tend to be very curious. And it is always true that someone knows something we don’t.
When we put all the pieces together – we all know more.

TransVine sessions use what is called parallel thinking. Parallel thinking is sharing on a topic in a slightly different way. We try on the Six Thinking Hats, (Edward de Bono), which is a set of metaphorical hats we put on to consider the topic from a similar perspective. It’s easier to do than explain. The Six Thinking Hats are:

Blue-Process- What is this about?
White-Facts-What do we know about this?
Yellow-Benefits-Why is this worth our time and energy?
Green-Imagination-Brainstorm-There are no bad ideas about this.
Black-Analysis-What are the problems with this?
Red-Feelings-How do we feel about this?

Join us for this session where we take up a discussion about this aspect of transition.
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