Trans Masc Drop In

Welcome to our group page

This is for folks who identify as trans men, trans masculine, folks who identify outside of the gender binary or people beginning to explore their gender journey and considering the options. Many of us experience gender dissonance and the all too typical associated condition of gender dysphoria.

This meeting would be of interest to people who identifiy on the trans – masculine side of the gender spectrum.

Our group attests the Qmunity code of respect and work together to keep our space safe for everyone.
We do a check in with each person, so there’s a chance to talk if you just need someone to listen – today.

We share a different topic each month. Our focus is transition, trans-sexuality, sex, relationships, livelihood, advocay and other issues of interest to folks who experience dissonance between their identity, their bodies and their cultural programming.

Our interests include hormones, finding informed service provides, and a reliable map in our explorations.

Our group attests and conforms to the Qmunity Code of Respect

Let us know how it is going - feedback is essential for good meetings